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Renting vs Buying Commercial-Grade Dehumidifiers

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Americool LLC - 1 Ton Portable Dehumidifier

When it comes to commercial-grade dehumidification needs for business operations, it's not always worthwhile to turn to rental solutions. This is because businesses large and small may require year-round conditioned air (including humidity control), even during winter when ambient air humidity levels are at seasonal low. If your needs are long term, the best decision is to purchase your commercial grade dehumidifiers and avoid comparatively costly long-term rental contracts.

Renting a dehumidifier doesn't always make sense. One case where renting does make sense is water disaster recovery. In those cases, dehumidification service is only required for a matter of days to weeks to assist in drying out the damaged area. We’ve been in the portable climate solution business for years now, and the simple fact is the circumstances where rental dehumidification services prove to be a better value than purchasing dehumidification services are fairly uncommon. The effectiveness of our commercial-grade dehumidifiers like the ADH-130 have been celebrated for years. They are considered a value investment for the benefit they provide to both human resources, facilities, commodity products, and more.

If your business employs heavy use of water to build products or cleanse space on a daily basis, then you need full-time use of dehumidification systems. We stand ready to assist you in both requirements analysis and sourcing you the longest lasting and highest quality dehumidifiers on the market today. Americool LLC stands ready to assist.

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