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PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONERS: Ensure a Safe Environment in Healthcare Facilities

24 August 2020 Bookmark and Share

Americool LLC - Portable Air Conditioner

Every hospital and healthcare facility requires a cooling system that guarantees a safe environment for patients and staff. Portable air conditioners are often incorporated in healthcare environments for both a primary and emergency air cooling solution. They are often used as “spot coolers” for areas within the campus where the central cooling system is unable to properly maintain air quality and/or temperatures.

Spot cooling is typically required in predictable areas of the healthcare campus: areas such as data centers, surgical rooms, radiology and imaging all tend to produce greater heat from equipment. In order to address this challenge, spot cooling solutions are often implemented; and it is not just about heat. Humidity management is also key in healthcare environments for the comfort and safety of both patients and highly specialized equipment.

For solutions that protect your patients, staff, and equipment and for more information on improving your healthcare facility's environmental controls, contact Americool, LLC.

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