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Exhaustless Portable Air Conditioners Roll into Place and Cool in Minutes - Auburn, Worcester, MA

9 December 2015 Bookmark and Share

When you need cooling solutions for your server room or data center, you can rely on portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA. Before you make a purchase, it is important to first determine how much cooling your facility will need. This will help you purchase the best option for your temperature control problems in server rooms or data centers.

Exhaustless portable air conditioners simply roll into place and begin cooling the area surrounding heat-sensitive equipment and other electronics. Because they are exhaustless, portable air conditioners provide an ideal alternative for server room and data center cooling applications. Portable AC units are strategically engineered to provide spot cooling when your HVAC system is turned to heating during winter. They also offer supplementary heating during throughout all seasons when your in-house cooling system cannot keep up with the demand, especially in the summer.

High quality portable air conditioners help maintain the appropriate indoor temperature and air quality to prevent and alleviate hot spots even in the tightest spaces in a server room more efficiently and cost-effectively. They help create a safe, cool environment for your systems and data to prevent sudden shutdowns and system failures.

To find out more about exhaustless portable air conditioner for server room cooling applications, contact Americool LLC.

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