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Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners, Dual Hose AC Units in Boston, MA

The Many Benefits Of A Portable Dual Hose AC Unit

AmeriCool portable air conditioner  are an excellent option for the intense needs of industrial level cooling. With a dual hose system, you can expect your AC unit to work more efficiently and maintain balanced air pressure in the room. A dual hose unit will cool a space 40% to 50% faster than a single hosed unit saving you both time and money. With a hose each pulling in air to cool down and one hose removing hot air, you will notice a more stable air pressure and allowing your unit to work more efficiently.

Each unit has a hassle free set up process that allows you to set your unit up in minutes and working to cool off your data center or whatever your needs may be. Each of our units are designed for the harshest of environments. They are ideal for a multitude of situations such as “mission critical” needs of the most highly technological applications, server room air conditioner or computer room air conditioning, along with other industrial requirements. Portability and ease of use are the very basics of each of AmeriCool’s portable air conditioning units.

Americool AC Units - General Information

All of our portable air conditioners all feature washable filters along with spot cooling and room cooling thermostat settings to allow the unit to work at its best in any situation. In spot cooling mode the temperature set point is based on the supply of cold air leaving the side of the unit. Subsequently in room cooling mode the temperature set point based on the return air coming into the portable ac units. These versatile portable cooling units are ideal for a host of applications, including computer rooms, hospitals, process cooling, multi workstation cooling, special events, and even emergency short term cooling needs. Our commercial portable air conditioner units cool to 64 degrees, surpassing the ideal cooling temperature for all “mission critical” requirements (at least 68 degrees). Cold air nozzles can be replaced with an included grill depending on the specific requirements you have for the unit. Unlike many other options in the industry, the AmeriCool product line of portable air conditioner for data center's are easy to install and come with hot and cold ducts that are easy extendable to reach any place you need cooled. A regular washing and cleaning of the air filers is the only recommended mantenance. Each cooling system comes with a self-diagnostic system, providing ease-of-use and convenience. The key to convenience is providing ease-of-use without sacrificing quality and the quality of our units and customer service is the number one priority of AmeriCool. We are the official distribution, sales, and marketing company for Weltem Air Conditioning products in North America. Weltem is a company that knows something about high quality standard, as they are known worldwide as an original development manufacturer and having one of the industry's leading warranty rates.  

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The AmeriCool Standard:

AmeriCool’s priority is providing the utmost quality along with the highest level of service to our customers, offering 24/7 support whenever needed. So you are getting more than the best air conditioner, you are investing in a solution for all of your cooling needs. 

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