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Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners For Vast Spaces

10 August 2020

Americool LLC - Dual Hose Portable AC

Commercial portable air conditioners come in two types -- single hose units and multiple hose units. When planning to buy a portable AC unit it is important to determine which type is most effective for your application.

Single hose portable AC units are suitable for small spaces. They can adequately cool down confined places at minimal cost. However, if you have a larger space that needs cooling, a dual hose portable AC is probably the right option.

Dual hose portable air conditioner units have a pair of hoses, one for intake and one for outtake. The intake hose pulls the air towards the unit for cooling and sends it back into the area. The equipment will heat up and will draw air from outside the building to cool the unit down. On the other hand, the outtake hose releases all the warm air outside the building. Due to this effective air exchange process, the dual hose system can provide adequate cooling to larger space with ease.

For any commercial or residential sport cooling need, go with the professionals at Americool LLC. We carry a wide range of commercial and industrial-grade dual hose portable air conditioners.

Portable Air Conditioners Offer Highly Effective Cooling to High-Ambient Temperature Environments

28 July 2020

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

The cooling method applied in factories and manufacturing plants was revolutionized in 1984 when portable air conditioners were first introduced for industrial applications. Portable air conditioners were tested and have shown reliability in controlling the climate inside high-ambient temperature areas. They are proven to cool people, equipment, and processes in harsh environments without overly dropping the cooling temperatures, airflow rates, or air volumes that have a negative effect on health.

Industrial-grade portable air conditioners ensure a cooler and dryer workplace for workers and equipment to perform and function at their optimal conditions and increase productivity. Moreover, utilizing spot cooling for industrial processes can help preserve and maintain the quality of products while keeping elements (heat and excessive moisture) that can deform and spoil its quality at bay.

AmeriCool LLC. offers a full line up of units that can be used for a number of applications, including harsh industrial environments that require constant cooling at a high capacity. Our industrial portable air conditioner units are built to the highest standards in order to protect you, your employees, your equipment, and your business – making you more profitable and helping your business run more effectively. Our units are ideal for industrial applications and provide effective cooling solutions for factories, warehouses, workshops, and various other workplaces that can be harsh environments for employees. Our AC units also provide ideal cooling solutions for use on assembly lines, manufacturing plants, process cooling, and warehouses. It can be miserable to work under high temperatures and AmeriCool has a portable air conditioning unit that's right for just about any job, big or small. AmeriCool LLC. strives to meet the standards of your business and create the best product on the market so you can keep cool regardless of the condition.

If you need to learn more about the benefits and affordability of heavy-duty portable air conditioners, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Portable Air Conditioners: Essential Cooling Support Services

21 July 2020

Americool LLC - WPC-7000

There are specific industries where precise environmental control is essential. Such industries like manufacturing, health, food services, and information technology (IT) suffers serious consequences when HVAC systems fail. Portable air conditioners play a vital role in multiple circumstances. They serve as both emergency cooling support and as spot cooling support for areas of the business operation that tend to heat up beyond the fixed HVAC’s system’s ability to support.

Portable air conditioner systems are an efficient and dependable way to ensure your business keeps running. Our portable air conditioner solutions are specifically manufactured for commercial and industrial use. They are available in different sizes and capacities that are custom matched to your need.

For more information regarding spot cooling your business operation or to set up emergency backup HVAC capability, contact Americool.

Portable Air Conditioner and Spot Cooling Services

14 July 2020

Americool LLC - Portable AC with heat pump

With recent technology and a strict quality control standard, portable air conditioners are being incorporated within commercial industrial and retail spaces with increasing frequency. Portable air conditioners are placed within commercial spaces to address emerging temporary, emergency and supplemental air conditioning needs. Their flexibility to be moved to migrating “hot spots” is one reason their popularity is exploding.

Our portable air conditioner inventory is vast, but one of our most valued support services is our ability to assess and guide you on the exact implementation strategy to maximize your spot cooling value. We’ll help you consider multiple factors to include building facing, roof type, insulation type, number of people, heat producing equipment, sun exposure, and more. All these things factor into calculating the required cooling capacity.

We specialize in delivering climate control consultation and equipment services to maximize the effectiveness of your business’ air quality control. For more information about any subject related to spot cooling and portable air conditioner services, contact AmeriCool.

Portable Air Conditioners to Efficiently Spot Cool Medical Settings

7 July 2020

Americool LLC - Portable Air Conditioners

Spot cooling for medical facilities in Worcester is a recurring need each year, considering Worcester's hot summers. Spot cooling service ensures that the required indoor temperature is delivered to all four corners of medical and care facilities at all times. Spot cooling not only serves the health and comfort of the patients and staff within the settings, it also provides essential heat and humidity control that medical equipment manufacturers mandate for safe operation.

Americool's Portable Air Conditioners work quietly and efficiently. Our cooling units are heavy duty and can operate as the main source or as an augmentation cooling source for medical care, senior care, or any care facility that demands uninterrupted and constant environmental control throughout the entire facility. Our units are also mobile enough for you to simply move them to your hot spots as they change and emerge.

When you need portable air conditioners for your clinic or other form of healthcare setting, trust a proven professional like Americool LLC.

Portable Air Conditioner Prevents Overheating In Auburn (Mass) Commercial Space

30 June 2020

Americool Commercial portable air conditioning units

It’s July and a time when excessive heat becomes an issue within Auburn Mass manufacturing, construction, and large office space. It is a busy time of year for commercial business operations and a time when manufacturing lines and high traffic areas of your business can and will overwhelm your existing HVAC system’s ability to keep up. That’s where we come in. For years now, we’ve supplied Auburn-area business owners with the affordable portable air conditioner services necessary to keep both your equipment and your staff working at peak efficiency. Whether you seek to rent or buy portable cooling capability, AmeriCool has your solution.

Upgrading your fixed HVAC system for temporary cooling needs may or may not be a value decision for you and your business. Sometimes your cooling needs are seasonal which likely leads you to renting augmented cooling service will serve you best. But even if your augmented cooling need is not seasonal, upgrading fixed HVAC for a relatively small area of your overall business can be comparatively costly and simply unwise from a value perspective. We take great pride in our customer service history and our ability to consult you on making the best value decision for you and your business.

To discover how we’ve been helping Auburn Mass. business owners keep their facilities comfortable and cool via spot cooling capability (and at a truly valuable price), contact AmeriCool LLC.

Renting vs Buying Commercial-Grade Dehumidifiers

23 June 2020

Americool LLC - 1 Ton Portable Dehumidifier

There are advantages to both purchasing and renting dehumidifiers. At the core, renting commercial grade dehumidifiers is best if your need is for a short-to-medium term solution. In this context, this is a period of a few weeks to a few months of need. Beyond a few months of need, then consider purchasing a commercial grade dehumidifier.

High humidity within offices and warehouse spaces is often a problem from late spring to early fall. Over the years, seasonal application of dehumidification support services may point to better value out of renting dehumidification equipment. The effectiveness of our rental commercial-grade dehumidifiers has been celebrated for years. They are considered a value investment for the benefit they provide to both human resource, facilities, commodity products, and more.

For emergency situations such as home or business flooding, rental dehumidifiers such as our ADH-130 offer an affordable and practical option to getting your problem resolved. When it’s important to dry out space quickly to eliminate rapid return to normal and eliminate future mold growth, this dehumidifier is the perfects selection.

If your business employs heavy use of water to build products or cleanse space on a daily basis, then you likely will employ full-time use of dehumidification systems. In those environments, purchasing commercial-grade dehumidifiers might be the better value solution for you.

Whether you need to rent, purchase, or rent to own dehumidification capability, Americool LLC is the partner you can trust.

The Value of Spot Cooling System in Server Rooms

17 June 2020

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Precise regulation of temperature and humidity is crucial within such work space as server rooms, clean rooms, electrical fabrication operations, and so many others. For server rooms, precise regulation of temperature and humidity is particularly important. Precision machinery like computer servers must operate within certain environmental parameters and server rooms tend to develop hot and cold spots within the environment. This is where spot cooling support services prove to be essential.

AmeriCool offers a wide variety of rental spot cooling systems.We serve the entire greater Boston and Worcester area business communities whose central air conditioning is either down for maintenance or is simply not sufficient to deliver specified cooling and humidity conditions. Our systems are mobile so you can respond to shifting environmental control needs.

Here are some advantages of rental spot cooling services:

  • Installation and Operation is a breeze. We have you covered there.
  • Compact-design and self-contained. Our systems won’t crowd your workspace.
  • Dehumidifies your space. Again, critical for many Boston-area industries.
  • We have years of experience successfully serving Boston and Worcester.

Contact Contact AmeriCool to learn more about the variety and quality of our Weltem air conditioning products.

Red Flags That You Need Professional Dehumidification Services

9 June 2020

Americool LLC - Portable Dehumidifier

Commercial-grade dehumidifiers protect your property from the devastating effects of water damage. Water damage occurs both naturally over time in high humidity environments and from catastrophic system failures. Regardless of the cause, here are the most common conditions where commercial-grade dehumidification services are essential to protect both life and property.

1. Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew will not only damage the structure of your building but it can exacerbate respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma. While you can handle small spots of mold and mildew infestation using bleach, it's an entirely different story when it festers over a larger area. You will need to hire professionals to thoroughly get rid of the molds and this would incur high charges. It's important to address moisture issues right away, otherwise, molds and mildew will rot your assets. Rent or purchase a dehumidifier to tackle moisture problems instantly.

2. Condensation

If you keep noticing condensation turning up on pipes, ceilings, floors and walls, this indicates a moisture problem. In addition, if you have a property in a flood-prone area wherein puddles of water form every time there's a heavy rain, there's a decent chance that moisture will be a persistent problem. Purchasing or renting a commercial dehumidifier is one effective way to protect your property.

3. Signs of Water Damage

Water and moisture can corrode and decay anything after some time. If the following signs are present in your property, perhaps it's time to invest in a commercial dehumidifier.

  • Damage in your building structure
  • Rotting wood
  • Rusty and corroding metals
  • Stained drywall
  • Buckled or warped wood flooring
  • Stuck doors
  • Sagging ceiling
  • Soggy items

This damage can be extremely expensive to fix if you don't address the moisture problem right away.

4. Musty odor

If a musty odor is noticeable in your building, it is an indication of an excessive moisture issue. Besides aggravating respiratory conditions, it can also leave a bad impression on customers who enter your building.

5. Pest Infestation

A confined, humid space is a favorable habitat for pesky pests. Damaged walls or floors can serve as a portal of entry for these invaders to enter your building. This causes another filthy problem as these critters can leave droppings, feed on your foundation's material and cause costly damage to your assets.

If you witness any of these red flags, contact Americool LLC for a free consult. We’ll pave the way for your decision to purchase or rent a portable dehumidifier that will promptly tackle your moisture problem.

Portable Spot Cooling HVAC Rental Solutions - Worcester, MA

27 May 2020

Americool LLC - WPC-7000

Summer has arrived. Business operators must now begin to address the very real challenges associated with summer heat that threatens both business equipment and your employees. When your existing cooling systems cannot adequately get you through the dog days of summer, it makes fiscal sense to rent supplemental cooling solutions. Americool LLC has served this need for Worcester business owners for years now and we are ready for you as well. One such solution for temporary cooling needs is our 29,000 Btu spot cooling system.

The WPC- 7000, a 2.5 ton portable air conditioner, offers ultimate portability and simplicity. AmeriCool portable air conditioners are designed for even the harshest environments, although they are ideal for a multitude of different situations. AmeriCool's air conditioners all feature spot cooling and room cooling thermostat settings to allow the unit to work at its best in any situation. These versatile portable cooling systems are ideal for a host of applications including computer rooms, hospitals, process cooling, multi-workstation cooling, special events, and even emergency short-term cooling needs. It is a perfect supplemental cooling unit that will help your central cooling unit and address hotspots in your facility.

Product Features

  • Equipped with an automatic restart function, allowing self-restart in case of power outages
  • Portable air conditioning units work with a standard outlet permitting an easy and effective start up.
  • Portable air conditioner systems also work well with generators to provide a solution for virtually any situation.

For more information about commercial portable air conditioners, contact Americool LLC.

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