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Exhaustless Portable Air Conditioners Roll into Place and Cool in Minutes - Auburn, Worcester, MA

9 December 2015

When you need cooling solutions for your server room or data center, you can rely on portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA. Before you make a purchase, it is important to first determine how much cooling your facility will need. This will help you purchase the best option for your temperature control problems in server rooms or data centers.

Exhaustless portable air conditioners simply roll into place and begin cooling the area surrounding heat-sensitive equipment and other electronics. Because they are exhaustless, portable air conditioners provide an ideal alternative for server room and data center cooling applications. Portable AC units are strategically engineered to provide spot cooling when your HVAC system is turned to heating during winter. They also offer supplementary heating during throughout all seasons when your in-house cooling system cannot keep up with the demand, especially in the summer.

High quality portable air conditioners help maintain the appropriate indoor temperature and air quality to prevent and alleviate hot spots even in the tightest spaces in a server room more efficiently and cost-effectively. They help create a safe, cool environment for your systems and data to prevent sudden shutdowns and system failures.

To find out more about exhaustless portable air conditioner for server room cooling applications, contact Americool LLC.

Exhaustless Portable Air Conditioners – The Solution to Heat Build-Up in Server Rooms - Auburn, Worcester, MA

1 December 2015

Generally, server rooms have no open windows or other areas where air can get in or out. The server room is built this way so that it is easier to control the temperature within it. Because there are no spaces where cool air can pass through, the use of exhaustless portable air conditioners is ideal for controlling heat build-up.

Exhaustless portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA provide more control over the indoor temperature and air quality in server rooms. Their portability is also an advantage because they can simply be moved where hot spots develop, immediately alleviating heat that can cause damages to the high-powered computers and other equipment and electronics stored inside these rooms.

A tightly controlled environment is a vital factor in ensuring proper equipment operation and reliability, which is why mission-critical equipment is placed in server rooms. Because they usually comprise a small, compact space, the equipment is exposed to the risk of overheating. In order to prevent this, high quality portable air conditioners are often employed in server rooms providing much-needed safe and sufficient cooling solutions.

To find out more about exhaustless quality portable air conditioners for server room cooling, contact Americool LLC.

High Quality Portable Air Conditioners Provide Cooling Solutions while Keeping Your Bank Account from Sweating - Auburn, Worcester, MA

24 November 2015

With the various operating ranges of portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA, you will be able to find and purchase one that best fits the specific needs of your business application. When you buy the right size trusted brand portable air conditioner, you will have the cooling solutions for server rooms while keeping your bank account from sweating.

Buying a portable air conditioner is a practical investment in your business. Portable air conditioners can be easily moved allowing you to use your HVAC system less. These air conditioners can independently and safely deliver cooling solutions to maintain an appropriate air quality and indoor temperature in server rooms or in any area that needs cooling most.

High quality portable air conditioners offer more energy-efficient cooling solutions. It is inefficient to use the central AC system in the winter. With portable air conditioners, you will be able to control temperature strategically and a conservatively allowing you to lower monthly energy bills.

To find out more about exhaustless portable air conditioner, contact Americool LLC.

Exhaustless Portable Air Conditioners Use Less Power but Offer High Portability and Reliability - Auburn, Worcester, MA

17 November 2015

High quality portable air conditioners at Americool LLC range from 1 to 5 tons, so that the cooling needs of any company, large or small, will receive the right air conditioning solutions for their specific business applications. When used for cooling mission critical electronics or harsh industrial applications, commercial portable air conditioners can withstand any challenges present at your location.

There are endless benefits to using high quality exhaustless portable air conditioners, which is why investing in one is considered a practical investment for any company. Portable commercial air conditioners offer unmatched cooling capacities and rugged designs that provide safe and sufficient cooling solutions when and where you need them. They are strategically engineered by manufacturers to achieve a compact design and superb configurations that are reliable for industrial use overtime.

Portable air conditioners in Worcester, MA are energy-efficient and highly-reliable. The vent-free portable air conditioners use less power while offering high portability. This is one reason why they are able to offer a more sensible solution to mobile cooling needs of any business.

To find out more about exhaustless portable air conditioners, contact Americool LLC.

High Quality Portable Air Conditioners are A Practical Investment to for Computer Room Cooling Needs - Auburn, Worcester, MA

13 November 2015

High quality portable air conditioners are widely used for computer room cooling applications. With portable air conditioners in place, you can be confident that your computers and other electronic equipment which is critical to your business operations will receive immediate spot cooling all the time to prevent heat related shut-downs.

Portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA come in several sizes because every computer room has distinct cooling requirements. Because of their compact size, they can be conveniently rolled into place to provide cool air when and where it is needed. Though they are compact, they help control indoor temperature, air distribution, and humidity level. The portable air conditioners should be installed by professionals to ensure their safe and efficient operation. These commercial spot coolers are engineered using state-of-the-art technology to provide safe and sufficient supplemental or instant emergency back-up cooling to protect your mission-critical computers and high-powered equipment. They are installed in strategic locations throughout the computer room in order to prevent hot spots and overheating to occur.

During emergency situations, portable air conditioners start functioning immediately without a difficult set-up process. They are also configured to be compatible with generators so they can run even when there is a power outage. Therefore, purchasing them is a practical solution, especially because heat will not be able to accumulate in your computer room when these high quality portable AC units are strategically in place.

To find out more about high quality portable air conditioners for cooling computer rooms, contact Americool LLC.

High Quality Portable Air Conditioners are an Exceptional and Economical Solution for Server Room Cooling - Auburn, Worcester, MA

10 November 2015

As a company evolves, servers evolve from a large space or rack to multiple racks that require their own room with other vital electronic equipment. The interior of this server room holds the vital electronics and equipment that all produce heat. Often, fans do not suffice to maintain the cooling requirement. Central heating and cooling systems are often inefficient as well because they cool too imprecisely where spot cooling is needed. In this challenging environment, where the temperature cannot fluctuate outside of a few degrees, system failure often results. Before damage to the servers and other equipment becomes costly and inconvenient, purchase high quality portable air conditioners which can be strategically placed in specific locations in server rooms to optimize cooling capacities and prevent hot spots from formulating and overheating.

Portable air conditioners in Worcester, MA operate in a wide range so you are guaranteed a cooling solution that fits perfectly to the mission critical application that is unique to your business. These portable spot coolers are custom-engineered in order to be a more reliable air conditioning system. They provide precision cooling solutions that ensure the appropriate temperature and the recommended air quality. Because portable air conditioners are also effective in regulating air humidity, electrostatic charges are also prevented. The compact size allows them to fit anywhere even if space in the server room is limited. They work efficiently and economically to keep your server operating at optimum performance at all times.

To find out more about high quality portable air conditioners for server room cooling applications, contact Americool LLC.

Exhaustless Portable Air Conditioners are an Ideal Alternative for Business Owners with Limited Budget and Space - Auburn, Worcester, MA

28 October 2015

An exhaustless portable air conditioner has a system designed to extract heat from an area while dehumidifying it. Intended primarily for extreme operating conditions with high-ambient temperatures such as a server room, this portable AC unit uses a safe and simple refrigeration cycle.

If you want to install an air conditioning unit but cannot afford the large initial cost or if a large size unit will not fit the limited space, then the best alternative choice is to install high quality portable air conditioners. There are a wide operating range of options so you can be confident that you will be get the right solution for the mission critical needs of your business. Also called mobile air conditioners, these portable air conditioners are an ideal alternative for those businesses that are looking to enjoy the benefits of a standard air conditioner at minimum cost or without taking up too much space.

A lighter and smaller version than permanent HVAC units, portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA can be easily moved from one machine to another which means spot cooling is possible anywhere. So wherever the hot spots are detected, the cool air can be focused on that specific area to alleviate heat immediately, preventing the problems that occur in server rooms such as equipment overheating or system breakdown.

To find out more about exhaustless portable air conditioners, contact Americool LLC.

Advantages of Renting Portable Air Conditioning – Auburn, Worcester, MA

22 October 2015

Rental commercial air conditioners are a more economical choice than purchasing one.  In the winter, the HVAC system in your business is switched from cooling to heating your office space and factory floors. Often this can result in overheating of equipment, especially in server rooms or in manufacturing facilities.

Renting a portable air conditioner ensures that you have the right cooling solutions for all heat-sensitive equipment. Keeping your employees comfortable can often compromise the heat generating equipment in server rooms and on factory floors.

Portable air conditioner rentals can be more economical because you only use it when you need it. By renting portable air conditioning systems, your company is not responsible for costs of maintenance and repairs. You only rent portable air conditioners when you need them. This saves your business money.  Additionally, if and when your business expands,  you can just increase the size of the air conditioner you are renting rather than replacing it with another purchased unit.

Therefore, renting does not only save you on the purchase costs, it saves you money on all the related costs. Often, rental commercial air conditioners are more efficient and economical. This can also save you money on utility expenses.

For more information on the benefits of renting portable air conditioners, contact AmeriCool  for more information.

Portable Air Conditioners for Server Rooms and Data Centers – Auburn, Worcester, MA

6 October 2015

In the winter, server rooms still suffer from overheating. In fact, this can often be more of a problem because the central HVAC system has been switched from cooling to heating. This means that the little cool air that had been cooling your company’s electronic equipment is no longer.

Server rooms are prone to overheating because of the heat generated by computers, servers, towers and other electronic equipment. All of this critical equipment has a small window of temperature variance. Portable air conditioners are necessary. Purchasing commercial portable air conditioners are an economical way for businesses to concentrate cool air into server rooms and data centers.

Critical business equipment in server rooms runs hot more often than not. For maximum safety and protection of your data and sensitive information there must be minimal temperature fluctuations within a very small temperature range window. Portable air conditioners are perfect for handling hot spots in server rooms.

As hot spots are created throughout the data centers and server rooms, portable commercial air conditioners can also be relocated as the need requires. Because they are on wheels they are easily moved, relocated and transported. Because they are smaller and more efficient to run, portable air conditioners are less expensive to operate than regular air conditioning systems.

In data centers and server rooms where temperature needs to remain constant, portable air conditioners are a perfect fit. Buying these commercial air conditioners helps your business save on electricity and keeps heat sensitive equipment safe. Portable air conditioning cools the air only where you need it.

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