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Spot Coolers for Hospitals Provide Clean Temperature Control

8 August 2017

AmeriCool High quality portable air conditioners

There are a wide range of rental portable air conditioners that can be used for spot cooling purposes in critical situation such as hospitals and other health care facilities. Spot coolers for hospitals provide clean temperature control to ensure flawless temporary cooling solutions.

All areas of a hospital need to maintain the proper indoor temperature and air quality at the appropriate levels. Labs, exam rooms, operating rooms, patient ares, staff and visitor areas all need the proper cooling. In situations where the cooling system is not working properly, hospital administrators can rent reliable portable air conditioners for spot cooling. With these spot coolers in place, it is easy for employees to keep patients comfortable and to keep staff productive and responsive. Administrators can also be confident in the quality of air, due to the mechanism embedded in every unit which allows for clean temperature control.

While every hospital tries to maintain their cooling system, breakdowns cannot be prevented. In these situations, back-up high quality portable air conditioners can be rented while the main system undergoes maintenance.

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Spot Coolers for Manufacturing Lines

28 July 2017

AmeriCool portable spot cooler air conditioners

Manufacturing and industrial plants are intense heat zones. There is a lot of heat-generating equipment that supports the many different operations. For this reason, these hot or harsh environments require constant and specific cooling. Of course, there is an in-house cooling system in these plants however, if it fail it can cause huge problems to the operations of the facility. In this case, spot coolers for manufacturing lines can be deployed to preserve the manufacturing plant’s productivity.

Spot cooler are widely used as an effective and efficient solution to a commonly-faced problem in manufacturing lines: excessive heat. Given this, rental cooling solutions come in various sizes and cooling capacities to fit several applications in addition to manufacturing line spot cooling.

With the help of high quality portable spot cooler air conditioners, hot and humid environment like manufacturing lines can release trapped heat guaranteeing that the equipment is able to operate at optimum performance. As a result, the operations can remain up and running. Hot spots can be negated on manufacturing lines through spot cooling before they even cause interruption or inconvenience.

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Benefits of Portable Air Conditioner Rentals

19 July 2017

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

During the summer, one of the most challenging, yet manageable events, during working hours is losing air conditioning. This can result in a uncomfortable employees, disgruntled clients, and overheating equipment. The absence of proper cooling, especially in B to C type businesses such as retail and restaurants, revenue can be adversely affected. For businesses that find themselves without AC this summer, portable air conditioners for rent are a great way to provide cooled air for a more productive work environment.

Commercial portable air conditioning units have many benefits. Here are 3 that you may not have known.

They are ideal for many different environments.

In addition to retail spaces, rental air conditioners can be used in healthcare facilities, financial firms, education institutions, and even in harsh environments such as construction sites and manufacturing plants.

They come in compact sizes and with various accessories.

Their compact sizes allow them to be moved to a specific spot where cooling is needed most. They are mounted on casters so they can be easily moved around. They also have adjustable air vents for spot cooling.

They have noise-cancellation features.

Distracting loud noises can disturb employees and costumers. High quality portable air conditioners, are available with noise cancellation so not to disturb or interrupt.

To find out more about the benefits of commercial portable air conditioning units for rent, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Dual Purpose 5-Ton Portable Air Conditioners

11 July 2017

AmeriCool LLC Dual Purpose AC Units

With the continuous improvements in technology, more advanced features are being incorporated into air conditioners. For instance, there are now dual purpose AC units that are in high demand during the summer. These 5-ton commercial air conditioning units provide safe and effective cooling relief outdoors, as well as indoors. They have features that make them versatile and useful in any setting.

The WPC-5RT portable air conditioners have durable metal construction and easily extendable ducts for outdoor cooling. Aside from this, they also come with a self-diagnostic feature and controls that provide ease and facility to any user who operates them. These high quality portable air conditioners are entirely self-contained making it convenient to move them indoors from an outside location.

Dual purpose portable air conditioners are guaranteed to be safe and effective in providing temperature control solutions. These commercial air conditioners put an end to virtually any heat-related situation, whether indoors or out.

To find out more about dual purpose portable air conditioners, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Happy Fourth of July

3 July 2017

AmeriCool LLC Happy Fourth of July

We are very lucky to be born in America, with rich culture and traditions. We are even luckier for those who have made sacrifices to give us the independence we celebrate.

On Independence Day our country commemorates those whose sacrifices have made this country and our freedom possible. As citizens of the United States of America, it is important to take a step back and cherish our lives and the country in which we live.

May our country always flourish and be free. From all of us at AmeriCool LLC we wish you a very safe, happy and blessed Fourth of July.

Portable Air Conditioners for Unexpected HVAC Emergencies

27 June 2017

Americool Commercial portable air conditioners for rent

Any business needs an in-house HVAC system that can keep up and maintain the air conditioning needs of employees, customers, and equipment. However, there are often situations when the central AC experiences issues, shuts down, or cannot keep up. Whatever the cause, the effect is inconvenient. Fortunately, there are commercial portable air conditioning units for rent during unexpected HVAC emergencies.

These commercial portable air conditioning units are available in a wide array of sizes and cooling capacities. Any facility has choices to guarantee a solution that fits the cooling requirements.

High quality portable air conditioners provide the cooling solutions for all types of businesses during an emergency. When the central AC shuts down, waiting for the technician to arrive and then solve the problem can often take too long. This wait can result in lack of productivity, equipment shut downs, and loss of revenue. It is imperative to provide cooled air that will keep indoor temperature and air quality at appropriate levels.

To find out more about high quality portable air conditioning for commercial use, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Portable Air Conditioner Rentals Offer Cooling Solutions for Hospitals

20 June 2017

Americool Commercial portable air conditioning units in Auburn, MA

Providing quality healthcare services is the goal of every hospital. In order for that to be achieved, the indoor temperature and air quality of the entire building needs to be maintain at the appropriate levels. This gives comfort to patients while keeping the medical team comfortable to perform their jobs as well. However, it is also imperative to ensures that laboratories and procedure rooms are at the proper temperature as well. Hospitals, almost more than other spaces, really rely on the central air conditioning system in the summer. During scheduled maintenance or when repairs are needed reliable portable cooling systems can be rented for safe and effective cooling solutions.

For a health care environment that operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, providing services with a faulty, inefficient, or broken air conditioning system is impossible. But hospitals can rely on portable air conditioners to promote patient welfare and staff productivity even when there are issues with the central AC.

With high quality portable air conditioners for hospitals in place, it is not difficult to achieve and maintain the appropriate indoor temperature and air quality necessary for a health care facility. Air conditioners and cooling towers can create a healthy, comfortable, well-regulated environment for patients recovery and for a conducive working environment for the staff.

To find out more about portable air conditioner rentals for hospitals and other applications, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Spotcoolers for Effective and Efficient Office Cooling

13 June 2017

Americool Commercial portable air conditioners for rent

The hot summer weather is here. Even when indoors, all types of office spaces overheat even when using central HVAC. During the summer months it is important to have the right cooling equipment in the office to maintain employee productivity. Through the use of commercial portable air conditioning units, offices can work comfortably even during extreme temperatures.

Offices need cooling equipment that can meet the cooling requirement of their office building. Since offices are busy places, it is also important to have air conditioners that are self-sufficient and easy to use where no difficult set-ups are needed nor any complicated installation instructions. Because of that, offices can benefit greatly on commercial portable air conditioning units. They are specially designed for many applications. The installations are easy without sacrificing quality.

By using high quality portable air conditioners, employees can work comfortably. This benefit the bottom line because heat impacts the overall performance of employees. Additionally, office space cooling needs businesses owners can conveniently rent spot coolers to provide supplemental cooling in areas where the existing AC does not reach. There is no need for businesses to spend more money on larger air conditioning systems. By investing in rental spot coolers, cooling is achieved efficiently and effectively.

To find out more about spot coolers for office space, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Reliable Portable Air Conditioners for Spot Cooling Data Rooms

6 June 2017

Americool Portable AC in server closets

Cooling is a critical part of a data room. Because a data room is enclosed and houses high-powered, heat generating computers and electronic equipment, the the space can tend to overheat. This can cause damage to servers and other electronic devices. There are a number of approaches available to maintain the necessary temperature that keeps the electronic equipment in data rooms running smoothly and effiiently. Through commercial portable air conditioning units, reliable and consistent cooling can be provided so that the heat build-up is avoided.

It can be argued that the server room is the most important room in any business. Without proper cooling and ventilation, the servers may shut down which can result in delays, loss of data, and loss of revenue. To prevent uncontrollable heat in server rooms from heat emitting machines, commercial portable air conditioning units can be used. Computers, electrical wires, and all sorts of equipment that are confined in these relatively small spaces need not suffer from extreme temperatures. Through the use of these portable air conditioners, spot cooling can implemented for specific areas where cooling is most needed. They can be strategically positioned for the unique size of data rooms to provide immediate cooling especially where it is needed most.

Because of the vital role that data rooms play in a business, it is very important to ensure that data rooms are well maintained and regulated through high-quality portable air conditioners that provide cooling to IT and electronic equipment.

To find out more about commercial portable air conditioning units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Effective and Affordable Spot Coolers for Data Rooms

23 May 2017

Americool Commercial portable air conditioning units in Auburn, MA

Data rooms house and secure data. They are used to store data, exchange documents, share files, and keep financial and legal transactions. They also host numerous electronic devices where excess heat is a common problem in these facilities. To avoid situations of uncontrollable heat spikes commercial portable air conditioning units for data rooms can provide temporary but powerful and effective solutions.

The commercial portable air conditioning units cut down the expensive cost of purchasing permanent cooling equipment for data rooms. Since the central AC for the office area cannot be used for the purpose of cooling data rooms, portable air conditioners can be used to cool data rooms. And since unregulated, high temperatures in data rooms can result in equipment failure to businesses then it is very crucial to provide the right amount of cooling.

Computers, electrical wires, and all sorts of equipment are confined in an enclosed space of a data room. Thus, these heat-emitting hardware devices need the effective cooling. Through the use of high quality portable air conditioners, spot cooling can be used conveniently for specific use in the data room. These portable air conditioners can be strategically placed within the data room to provide the appropriate cooling to avoid heat overloads. In effect, these air conditioners protect businesses from loss of data and ultimately, loss of revenue.

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