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Regulate Temperature in Server Rooms Using Portable Air Conditioner Rentals

8 May 2018

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

It's integral for server rooms to have regulated temperatures in order to prevent data loss from overheated computers and other sensitive equipment. Computers need to operate simultaneously and are rarely shut-down. This sensitive equipment is prone to overheating due to their non-stop use and the heat that is generated by all the electronic equipment housed in this small area. Rental portable air conditioners are widely used by businesses to prevent heat build-up inside server rooms.

Important data can be at risk if their is a sudden shutdown. This is one of the main the reasons why computers should be housed within a temperature controlled environment. Overheating is a major cause of system failure and unexpected malfunction of electronic equipment. High quality portable air conditioners can combat server room meltdowns.

Whether you have a mini data room or a large space for storing servers, rental portable air conditioning is available in various sizes available to meet the cooling demands. Contact Americool LLC, if you need top quality portable air conditioners.

High Quality Portable Air Conditioners as Cooling Solutions For Manufacturing Lines

1 May 2018

AmeriCool portable spot cooler air conditioners in Boston, MA

Manufacturing lines and other factory-settings are prone to heat buildup, especially when they are a smaller enclosed space. Simultaneous use of high-powered equipment can add to rising temperatures in the work space. High quality portable air-conditioners can help cool down the floor and better protect equipment and processes while keeping equipment from overheating and providing a cooler environment for workers.

Portable Air Conditioners can be the ultimate solution to address cooling requirements on the manufacturing floor. The portable AC units can cool down your equipment, specifically those which are critical and heat up quickly. They can help regulate the temperature, air distribution, air quality, and humidity level as well. These commercial spot coolers come in various sizes which makes them ideal for a wide range of uses and cooling purposes.

Rental commercial air conditioners are a practical choice for businesses. They can also be customized to perfectly meet the specific cooling needs of manufacturing floors. In addition, they can make the work area more conducive and comfortable for employees because they mitigate the heat indoors. Contact Americool LLC for high quality portable air conditioner units for rent.

Portable Air-Conditioners for Data Rooms of Any Size

24 April 2018

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Cooling systems are vital inside a data room. To keep the facility running continuously, a specific and minimal range of temperature must be maintained. These facilities are often enclosed and the tendency for heat buildup is high. Often the central air conditioning fails to maintain the necessary temperatures making computers and electronic devices are at risk for damage and breakdown. To secure your data rooms, rent portable air-conditioning units to supplement the current central cooling system.

Data rooms are different sizes and often have additional equipment added regularly. This makes it imperative to find the appropriate air-conditioning units that has the appropriate cooling capacity to help cool the area. Americool LLC offers a wide array of rental portable air-conditioner. Having expansive options is an advantage for companies in order to select the right unit for their facility.

Don't risk your computers or imperative data. Rent portable air-conditioners to maintain the appropriate temperature level for proper function to preserve the life and smooth functionality of your equipment. Contact Americool LLC to find out more about portable air-conditioners for data centers or server rooms.

Tent Cooling Made Possible with Portable Air Conditioners

17 April 2018

Americool portable air conditioning unit

You can feel the gradual change in temperature as hotter and more humid days approach... Although outdoor events are preferable during this season, you don't want the hot and sweaty temperatures inside the event tents. Formal events like weddings can go wrong when your guests are uncomfortable. If you are looking for an effective tent cooling solution, rent outdoor AC units.

Portable outdoor air conditioners make it possible to cool tents without occupying a large space beneath the tent. With their extendable ducts, cooled and conditioned air can flow inside the tent without stationing the unit underneath. You can also direct the cooled air where you would like it to provide extra cooling. Moreover, since it is stationed outside the tent, it will not interrupt the event proceedings.

These portable AC rentals can reliably manage your tent cooling needs. It's now possible to provide a cool and comfortable tent venue for attendees. Contact Americool LLC for portable AC units on your next outdoor event.

Portable Air Conditioning Units with a Dehumidifier Option are Necessity for Rainy and Humid Weather

10 April 2018

AmeriCool High quality portable air conditioners

As the weather turns, temperatures and humidity increase and make it uncomfortable for employees and challenging for equipment and overall productivity. Air quality can affect factories and warehouses where a hot and humid environment and can pose a threat to the health of your workers and the items within. Dehumidifiers options on high quality portable air conditioners are a very convenient and economical feature during the rainy and humid season.

There are cases where humidity can escalate in excess and become more damaging than extreme heat. Therefore, rental portable air conditioner with superb dehumidification capabilities are necessary in commercial and industrial setting. The WPCD-3000 portable air conditioner unit is engineered with dehumidifier so as to reduce excess humidity on top of cooling your workplace. WPCD-3000 features 13,200 Btu/h, single phase 115v, 64-113 degree-operating range, with spot cooling settings, along with 65L/day dehumidifying capacity. It also includes 5” x 20” cool air duct assembly, vinyl chloride evaporator filter, aluminum condenser filter, 3.17 gal condensate tank, and 12” exhaust flange to fully manage humidity in large spaces.

Moreover, you can easily move this portable AC across the room to further reach areas that needs extra cooling. Having 2-in-1 equipment will save you space and money on rental and utility bills. Contact Americool to find out more about portable air conditioner units with dehumidifier.

Portable Heat Pump Units for Gradual Transition of Winter to Spring

3 April 2018

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Dual purpose portable heat pumps can make the transition from winter to spring easier in commercial and industrial settings. With the innovation of heat pumps, the HVAC equipment will serve as a heater and air conditioner at the same time. Customers can save space and energy having only one piece of equipment for dual use.

Americool portable heat pumps are devised to provide easy temperature control in factories, warehouses, and other commercial establishments. With the easy regulation system, you can easily switch the purpose from heating to cooling. They are available in different sizes and capacities, so customers can select the unit that will sufficiently provide heating/cooling to the entire area.

These portable rental heat pumps also feature fan speed control, compressor overload protectors, anti-freezing thermostats, compressor time delay programs, high pressure sensors, and safety devices. With all these amazing features, portable heat pump units are undeniably cost-effective and beneficial for commercial and industrial use. Customers can now take full advantage of the convenience of these units for an affordable fee without worrying about extra expenses for maintenance and storage.

To find out more about our heat pump units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Portable Air Conditioning Units for A Clean and Consistent Air in Lavatories

27 March 2018

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

The lavatory in any business needs clean and cycled air. Since it is frequently used by employees and the public, it is essential that it is not only kept clean but that the air is fresh at all times. In order to provide clean and consistent air inside lavatories, portable air-conditioning units are available for the job.

Commercial portable air conditioners are perfect for public bathrooms because they can be easily transported to the necessary location without installation requirements. High quality portable AC units can also control humidity while filtering air so as to prevent molds and slime growth in the restroom walls and fixtures. Furthermore, it aids in the extraction of odor and promote good air circulation within.

Portable Air Conditioning units are easy to clean compared to window units or central AC systems. Because they are available to rent, prior to dispatch these AC units are well-maintained and serviced by the Americool. This guarantees that when you rent portable AC units you are ensured that clean and fresh air is circulating in your restrooms. For heavy duty portable AC units, contact Americool LLC.

Portable Air Conditioner Rentals Used as Spot Coolers Keep Data Rooms from Overheating

20 March 2018

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Any electronic equipment that runs continuously is likely to overheat. This can cause damage to the circuits and other components. Because of this, computer servers which work non-stop need to be kept in a temperature-regulated room to prevent overheating. Additionally, some data rooms don't have sufficient air circulation, so hot spots can develop causing equipment to overheat faster. This may be due to insufficient cooling within.. Companies can opt for rental portable air-conditioners to serve as data room spot coolers to prevent your equipment from overheating.

Computer servers are the repositories for all important data including all legal and financial transactions, file sharing, contact information, and other essential documents used in business. Losing relevant data can cause a major setback. To make the scenario worse, when a computer server breaks down, retrieval of data is not a given, it could be lost forever. It can be completely lost or destroyed. Portable air-conditioners can prevent this from happening and help ensure that computers are sufficiently cooled.

Commercial portable air-conditioners are heavy-duty and effective for spot cooling sensitive equipment such as computer servers. And since they are portable, they can be directly placed where extra cooling is needed. Don’t rely solely on your central air-conditioning system, rent portable AC units for cooling data rooms. Contact Americool LLC for reliable and high-quality portable air conditioning.

Portable Outdoor AC Units Provides Instant Cooling Relief for Summer Events

13 March 2018

Americool portable air conditioning unit

Tents are often the event venue of choice for large outdoor affairs in the summer. Although tents offer a festive atmosphere and can keep your guests protected from the sun, a tight enclosure filled with a large number of people can make the space uncomfortably warm. Organizers can rent outdoor AC units to cool down the area and provide instant cooling for guests and employees.

A portable outdoor air conditioner is the solution for summer cooling at any outdoor event. Outdoor AC units can cool a large and spacious venue while operating silently. This means there will be no noise to disrupt the proceedings. These AC units have extendable ducts for conditioned outdoor air to pass through for delivering comfortable cool air under the tent. And, since these units are portable they don't require additional installation and can be easily relocated to the area where cooling is needed most.

Event planners can benefit from these highly and regularly maintained portable AC rentals. Renting is far more cost-effective than purchasing expensive AC units which will incur the additional charges for maintenance and service. If you are in need of outdoor units for your outdoor summer event, contact Americool LLC.

Portable Indoor and Outdoor Units are Versatile and Perfect for Any Occasion

6 March 2018

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

Portable air conditioners are used in many different applications which is why the indoor/outdoor AC units offered by AmeriCool are the perfect solution, no matter what industry you are in. These units are versatile and can be used almost anywhere. They are the preferred solution with rental companies, because they can be used at events, warehouses, office building, outdoor locations, and more. 

AmeriCool's indoor/outdoor units come in sizes ranging from 5 ton to 12 ton with electric heat as an additional option. They can be placed outside to duct cool air into a space, or inside to move the warm air outside, both accomplishing the task of cooling an area. 

High quality portable air conditioners guarantee durability and efficiency. They can be installed conveniently and are easy to transport and operate. These portable air conditioners reliably provide a cool environment for both indoor and outdoor use, creating a more pleasant experience for everyone.

To find out more about portable air conditioning units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

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