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Portable Electric Heaters Are Excellent for Commercial Spaces

17 November 2020

AmeriCool - Portable Rental Heaters

Portable heaters are great for supplemental heat in both commercial and industrial settings. They are supplemental heating equipment that delivers even heating to any facility, factory floor, or office space. They have many applications for temporary heating, especially in this cold weather.

Regardless of whether the space is small or large, there are areas or rooms that don't require constant heating. When spaces are rarely used, such as conference rooms or temporary meeting space, regular heating can be a waste of energy and money. Portable heaters are more efficient, especially in areas that only need temporary heating because they are not constantly in use. Because of their compact size and portability, they can be conveniently moved to different areas where additional heating is required.

Portable electric heaters are easy to operate and don't require complex installation. Despite their size, these electric heaters are durably engineered to perform optimally even in a tough environment. If you require reliable portable electric heaters, contact Americool LLC. We have a full range of sizes and capacities ready for dispatch.

Portable Electric Heaters For Restaurants and Coffee Shops

10 November 2020

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

Prepare your restaurant, deli, or coffee shops for the winter holiday season. Make them the perfect place for customers to escape their home in order to grab a quick bit and relax. This winter, it will be important to set your establishment apart from the competition. Provide customers with a warm and comfortable environment as the temperatures drop with portable electric heaters. They are the perfect solution for keeping your restaurant space cozy and warm for customers.

Americool LLC has a complete line of portable electric heaters for rent in Worcester, MA. They are available in different sizes and heating capacities. These portable heaters are heavy duty and can be relied upon for warming up any size space. More importantly, portable heater rentals are energy efficient and can provide your business with clean and safe heat. This makes them necessary equipment in cold weather where the heating system cannot keep up.

High quality portable electric heaters are a necessity this winter in order to make your business welcoming. Heater rentals are a practical and cost-effective solution over purchasing. If your business is in need of heavy duty portable electric heaters in Worcester, MA contact Americool LLC today.

Portable Heaters Improve Heating Efficiency and Lower Utility Bills

3 November 2020

Americool Portable Heater

Portable heaters are essential for providing heat in many older and wide open offices throughout the Auburn and Worcester area. Selecting the best portable heating option depends on your business needs and the size of the space that needs supplemental heating. There are energy-saving portable heaters that help cut down on energy bills. Additionally, many options of portable heaters have additional features like time settings and remote control which add more convenience and efficiency.

Portable electric heaters will keep the drafty and cooler spots in your workplace comfortable without having to increase the output of the central system. Additionally, if there are little-used spaces in your building, there is no need to waste energy by keeping those areas heated. When winter comes in full effect, it's best to be prepared for the cold. For emergency or supplemental heating needs, there's nothing simpler and more portable than an electric heater. Many of these affordable units use electricity, so there is no need to worry about acquiring fuel or ventilating combustion byproducts.

Portable electric heaters will not only save money they will also ensure that work spaces have sufficient heat to improve employee productivity. AmeriCool's units are portable enough to be used in just about any application, including offices and other enclosed spaces. For more information on heaters, contact Americool LLC.

Portable Heaters Provide Comfortable Warmth In Workspaces

27 October 2020

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

Portable heaters play an important role in keeping workspaces comfortable and productive. During the cold Worcester winter, the biting cold can be fought off in older and drafty buildings with portable heater solutions.

Central heating systems rarely deliver constant and comfortable environmental control to 100% of your operating area. To adequately heat one area often means overheating another. Likewise, when your fixed HVAC delivers comfortable heat to most of your workspace, some workers are resigned to wear jackets and gloves, or use small, expensive, and inefficient electric heaters under desks. This is a common problem in the older buildings in Worcester with vacuous spaces, drafty windows and outdated heating systems. This is why Worcester business owners turn to portable seasonal rental heating solutions. Through renting there are a multitude of different portable heater sizes and capacities available to meet every need.

Portable heating solutions ultimately pay for themselves in reduced energy costs. It is much more energy efficient to spot heat areas than it is to over-heat large amounts of office space. For help and information on choosing a economical portable rental climate control solution, contact Americool LLC!

Portable Electric Heaters Can Reduce Utility Bills

20 October 2020

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

With winter on the way, many businesses around Auburn, MA will require supplemental heating equipment to support staff, machinery, production, and storage. A popular choice in portable commercial heaters is the 10 kW Portable Electric Heater with automatic temperature control, four-castor wheel mobility, LED display, temperature and safety systems to prevent overheating and a high performance fan which maximizes heating efficiency..

This portable electric heater is compact and easy to carry and maneuver. Its compact size is perfect for commercial spaces, manufacturing facilities, office space, and storage. Portable heaters present a value-based means to deliver targeted heat when and where it is needed. Since these units use electricity, there is no need to worry about acquiring fuel or ventilating combustion byproducts. Through portable heaters, gone are the days of trying to keep vacuous, drafty, or intermittently used space constantly climate controlled. Energy bills are a high-cost operating expenses, portable electric heaters will lower energy bills.

Do what business owners across the area do, choose portable electric heaters to improve operational efficiency and save on business operating cost. Contact Americool LLC to learn more.

Portable Air Conditioners Equipped with a Heat Pump are the Solution for Seasonal Temperature Fluctuations

13 October 2020

WPH-3000 | AmeriCool Portable Heaters

Managing indoor temperatures in commercial and industrial spaces is rather challenging during the fall in Massachusetts. In fact, a regular challenge for business operators between seasons is keeping the indoor environment conducive and productive for employees. The fluctuating temperatures during the fall makes it even more difficult to address.

A portable air conditioner with a heat pump is a great option for accurately controlling the temperature inside a facility. These easy-to-use portable HVAC units make managing and regulating indoor temperature a breeze. The cooling functions can be set during fall afternoons while during evenings and mornings can be set for heat. These dual functioning air conditioners offer both heating and cooling for the price of one, all in one unit.

AC units that are equipped with a heat pump also have a function for automatic restart, allowing self-restart in case of power outages. These AC/heat pumps are compatible with use in a standard electrical outlet for easy and convenient use and portability. Lastly, these portable systems are also very compatible with generators to provide a heating and cooling solution in virtually every scenario.

For more information on dual purpose portable air conditioners contact Americool LLC.

Spot Cooling Services For Industrial Manufacturing Centers in Auburn, MA

29 September 2020

AmeriCool portable spot cooler air conditioners in Boston, MA

The winter season does not negate the need for spot cooling in many industries. Machines, equipment, and end-product commodity storage are just some of the needs served by spot cooling.

Unregulated temperature and increased moisture levels are a threat to a high percentage of businesses and their operations because most businesses have high-heat producing equipment. Even the smallest data room can overwhelm the HVAC system in any facility. Spot cooling services are perfect for these conditions.

The fall season introduces unpredictable weather and temperature swings which can create unique challenges in manufacturing. Both days and nights can be unseasonably warm or cold. During this time of year business owners and operators can benefit greatly from dual purpose heating and cooling systems. Dual-purpose systems, such as the WPH-4000 dual-purpose air conditioner, deliver both spot heat and spot cooling.

For more information on how to ensure that your Auburn, MA business is thoroughly and precisely climate controlled, contact Americool LLC.

Portable HVAC with Heat Pump Address Challenging Auburn, MA Weather

22 September 2020

Americool LLC - Portable HVAC w/ Heat Pumps Auburn, MA Weather

This time of year, Auburn weather experiences erratic temperature changes followed by the all too familiar freezing months of winter. Countless Auburn, MA business owners choose dual-purpose heating and cooling systems that allow business owners the flexibility to target specific spaces for conditioned air.

Heating and cooling needs change over time and seasonally. Fixed HVAC system efficiencies systematically decline over time. Systems similar to the one-ton portable air conditioner with heat pump deliver a much better HVAC system ROI than fixing or replacing aged equipment. This versatile HVAC system has the capability to cool or heat space where stringent temperature regulation is required. These systems also work in conjunction with generators to provide excellent heating or cooling solutions in virtually any environment.

The flexibility of these systems can be maximized via the multiple accessory options such as exhaust duct flanges, cool air duct assemblies, vinyl chloride evaporator filters, aluminum condenser filters, and condensate tanks. For more information on this two-in-one system, contact Americool LLC to learn more.

Portable Air Conditioners Speed Up Production Processes

15 September 2020

Americool LLC - WPC-7000 Portable Air Conditioner

Portable cooling is an essential HVAC component in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing processes. In order to improve manufacturing speed and quality, portable cooling is frequently installed in plants to promote worker efficiency, to speed up the production process, to protect heat-sensitive equipment, and to preserve raw materials and finished products from heat-related degradation.

Portable air conditioners provide fast and effective solutions in the manufacturing process, and not just in hot weather emergencies. They protect the health and safety of production personnel by reducing injury and fatigue, which also ensures that deadlines can be met. However, the benefits of spot cooling services extend far beyond the manufacturing floor. Businesses in Worcester employ spot cooling services within non-manufacturing areas of production facilities as well, such as server rooms, mechanical rooms, offices, and conference rooms. The value of spot cooling is most often realized by businesses whose growth has exceeded the capacity of the existing HVAC system. Business owners understand the cost savings and value of renting supplemental cooling when compared to the up-front capital cost of replacing existing HVAC systems.

Rental portable cooling solutions have delivered high-value return on investment to Worcester-area businesses. Before you commit to the costly purchase of a new HVAC system, contact Americool LLC for more information.

Proper Server Room Cooling Protects the Most Valuable and Vulnerable Assets

8 September 2020

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Very often server rooms are inadequately cooled by existing commercial HVAC systems. Server rooms typically require augmented cooling to maintain the recommended temperature and humidity thresholds. Server rooms often house a business' most valuable and vulnerable inventory. Therefore, significant thought and planning is crucial for protecting your business assets and in delivering uninterrupted server room cooling.

When your server room is unable to maintain a constant temperature range of 64.4F to 80.6F, it is necessary to consider supplemental server room cooling services.

Some things to consider when augmenting server room cooling:

  • Acquire or rent portable air conditioners/spot coolers for the server rooms in order to combat heat build-up.
  • Purchase or rent from a certified spot cooler dealer who can help create an effective cooling strategy for your data.
  • Do not choose residential portable AC units. Their capacity is likely insufficient for specialized commercial cooling needs.

Explore your options and trust the commercial-grade portable air conditioning services at Americool LLC. We'll help you find the most reliable and affordable cooling solution for optimal server room operation.

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