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Portable HVAC with Heat Pump Address Challenging Auburn, MA Weather

22 September 2020 Bookmark and Share

Americool LLC - Portable HVAC w/ Heat Pumps Auburn, MA Weather

This time of year, Auburn weather experiences erratic temperature changes followed by the all too familiar freezing months of winter. Countless Auburn, MA business owners choose dual-purpose heating and cooling systems that allow business owners the flexibility to target specific spaces for conditioned air.

Heating and cooling needs change over time and seasonally. Fixed HVAC system efficiencies systematically decline over time. Systems similar to the one-ton portable air conditioner with heat pump deliver a much better HVAC system ROI than fixing or replacing aged equipment. This versatile HVAC system has the capability to cool or heat space where stringent temperature regulation is required. These systems also work in conjunction with generators to provide excellent heating or cooling solutions in virtually any environment.

The flexibility of these systems can be maximized via the multiple accessory options such as exhaust duct flanges, cool air duct assemblies, vinyl chloride evaporator filters, aluminum condenser filters, and condensate tanks. For more information on this two-in-one system, contact Americool LLC to learn more.

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