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Financing Your Business’ Spot Cooling Needs

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Americool LLC Financing

Today’s blog post focuses on our spot cooling financing options to limit your capital outlay for your critical new spot cooling HVAC requirements. We strive to keep you educated about the undeniable benefits of implementing portable air conditioners or “spot coolers” within your business operations plan, but the comparative value for spot cooling services vice enhanced central HVAC is somewhat harder to comprehend. Today we will discuss the fundamentals of spot cooling and how we support you with multiple financing options.

Advantages of Financing with AmeriCool

  • 100% Financing - Unlike some loan programs, you can finance 100% of your equipment.
  • Flexibility - As businesses grow and needs change, you will be able to add equipment at any point during the financing term.
  • Fast Processing - Most applications are processed within 2 hours.
  • Improved Cash Flow - With no hefty down payment and affordable monthly payments, you can keep your cash flow flowing.
  • Flexible Terms - AmeriCool offers flexible terms that fits your needs.
  • Frees up Lines of Credit - Save your bank lines of credit for other emergencies.
  • Tax Advantages - Take advantage of generous IRS tax savings.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments - more accurate forecast spending.

In these most challenging times for American business and commerce, limiting you firm’s capital outlay has never been more critical. We can help you do that while still delivering upon your emerging climate control requirements. Contact Americool LLC to learn more.

The Different Applications for Rental Portable Spot Coolers

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 24, 2020
Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

Portable Air Conditioners are versatile and are used for countless applications. Below are some of the more common uses:

  1. Data Centers - Spot coolers supplement the central HVAC system so it is not overworked with a shortened life span. Targeted cooling to the hottest areas of the data center relieves excess demand upon the central HVAC system.
  2. Confined Telecommunication Rooms - Telecommunication equipment is exceptionally high-heat producing equipment and is usually stored in a confined space. Portable air conditioners are ideal equipment in cooling enclosed spaces like telecommunication rooms because they are compact and fit within they typically confined telecommunication system space.
  3. Office Spaces - Spot Coolers may substitute the central HVAC system during overtime or weekend work. Smart plant managers save significant operations cost by only conditioning the environments actively occupied by people and operational equipment.
  4. Factories / Warehouses - Heat can quickly build-up in harsh industrial environments such as production lines and depots. Workers in this environment need a conducive ambiance to keep them motivated and productive. Thus, having a portable air conditioner can help provide adequate cooling inside the building. 
  5. Healthcare Settings -- Cooling is critical in hospitals because the place needs to be cool and dry at all times to prevent cross-contamination of microorganisms. In addition, patients confined in hospitals needs to rest comfortably as well to recover quickly from their illnesses. Meanwhile, laboratories require stringent temperature control to prevent spoilage of their cultures, samples, and tests.
  6. Commercial Spaces - Whether you are handling perishable or dry goods, cooling is essential in stores and shops to keep products in perfect condition and extend their shelf life while providing a comfortable place for customers to shop.
  7. Special events - Temporary air conditioners are practical for short-lived uses like events.

The above mentioned applications are simply the most common spot cooling applications and by no means lists them all. To lean how our spot cooling systems can contribute to your business’ profitability, contact Americool LLC anytime.

Portable Air Conditioners: Lesser Cost and Minimal Space Requirement

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Rental portable air conditioners (or “spot coolers”) are engineered to withdraw heat and dehumidify home or office space where central HVAC systems fail to deliver. Often associated as a tool for harsh environments like data rooms and heavy machinery manufacturing space, portable rental spot coolers play an important role in the entertainment industry, sports arenas, and virtually any commercial endeavor imaginable.

There are countless situations where spot cooling service makes perfect sense such as when business owners encounter the need for cooling a defined space for a defined period of time. Clearly the capital cost to install central HVAC services there makes zero sense. Often times, however, there are permanent spot cooling requirements that also do not justify the capital expenditure on fixed HVAC installations. Rental spot cooling services can and do contribute to greater profit margins by offering no up-front capital investment, low cost rental fees, and lower energy consumption rates that central HVAC systems demand.

Commercial portable air conditioners are compact and lighter version than other HVAC units and since they are mobile, you can easily move the cooling services around as your cooling requirements change.

Let us help you and your business’ path to increased profitability via rental spot cooling strategies vs the high cost of fixed central HVAC solutions. For more information about exhaustless portable air conditioners, contact Americool LLC.

Considerations When Purchasing or Renting A Portable Conditioner

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 07, 2020
Americool Commercial portable air conditioning units

Portable air conditioners are ideal cooling solutions for business structures like offices, facilities and commercial spaces. Whether you are planning to buy or rent, weigh first the following factors to come up with a sound decision.

Cooling Output

The cooling output for PACs is calculated in BTU or British Thermal Units per hour with the higher rating implies greater capacity. The BTU rating is labeled in the Energy Guide of each portable AC unit. Take this into account when comparing different models. Make sure to opt for a capacity that complies with the square footage of the area that you need to cool.

Placement Constraints

Portable air conditioners may require electrical modification to your use space. Prior to purchasing, make sure you have the enough power and the correct receptacle in all spaces where you might conceivably use the portable cooling asset. The unit will likely be placed near a window for venting poses so plan your electrical considerations accordingly.

Energy Efficiency

The Efficient Ratio or EER rating of a unit can also be seen on its Energy Guide label. The higher the rating means the set has better energy efficiency performance. Before you decide, scrutinize each available model and choose the one with the highest EER rating that meets your budget.

Condensate Choices

When a portable air conditioner cools, it condenses moisture out of the air. There are several options in terms of release. Essentially, cheaper portable air conditioner units have a collector pan that needs to be drained frequently. While self-evaporating air conditioners usually come expensive as it has the ability to release the condensate out by means of the air exhaust hose, or by reusing the liquid to cool the coils.

Sound Level

Portable air conditioners are standalone units equipped with a compressor, so expect and plan for the increased noise as compared to central HVAC systems. With that said, our system offerings are the most quiet portable HVAC systems on the market today.

For more information about portable air conditioners, contact Americool LLC.


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