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Portable Air Conditioners: An Essential Partner for Hospitals and Other Health Providers

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Americool LLC - Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are a common necessity at hospitals and other health care providing operations sites to address the uncommon heat load of medical support equipment. Portable air conditioners are employed as both emergency and active business operations support equipment. In the health care support space, sudden loss of the central HVAC system can have deadly consequence. AmeriCool’s decades-long presence within the U.S. health care industry’s operations space is one of our most proud accomplishments.

In any health care environment, the loss of HVAC services, especially in the summer months, puts the patients, staff, and highly heat-sensitive equipment at risk. Portable air conditioners provide multiple functions that play a vital role in maintaining normal working condition of any hospital, clinic, assisted living, or any of the other countless health care operation. Our systems provide both cooling and air filtration services, both services of course now being of paramount importance during these pandemic times.

Let us help you improve your health care operational readiness. For more tips on portable AC, contact Americool, LLC.

Rental Portable Air Conditioning Services for Healthcare Providers During the Pandemic

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 24, 2020
AmeriCool High quality portable air conditioners

Rental portable air conditioners with state of the art air filtration capability is boosting the safety of health care delivery across the United States. Portable air-conditioning units are commonly used in healthcare facilities but never to the extent that they are now. Rental portable air conditioners or spot coolers are typically employed during emergency or situations where the central AC system is shut down for maintenance. But today, health care providers across the country are discovering the air filtration capability of spot cooling systems to enhance the safety each and every type of health care service.

Keeping patients and healthcare staff safe and productive in the days of COVID-19 is an ominous task. We take great pride in our ability to help health care operations managers do just that. We invite you to contact us here at Americool LLC today to learn how we will make an immediate difference in the safety of your health care operation.

Why Consider A Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump During Transitional Season?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Americool LLC - Portable AC with heat pump

Looking for a heating system that is convenient to use during climate swings? AmeriCool highly recommends the year-round efficiency of portable air conditioner with heat pumps. With that said, today we’ll discuss why heat pump systems are particularly efficient during transitional weather seasons.

Energy Efficient

A portable AC with heat pump system has both an indoor and outdoor component. When the unit is set to heating mode, the outdoor unit pulls thermal energy from surrounding air. The energy is then moved to the refrigerant line, which stretches from the outdoor to indoor unit. The indoor unit then utilizes this thermal energy to heat up the air and circulate it throughout the space. The heat pump requires less energy when compared to other heating systems because it moves thermal energy most efficiently.


This special portable air conditioner produces heat and cool air by using a component called reversing valve. The valve inverts the course of refrigerant within the indoor and outdoor unit, depending on which function you set it. Since this equipment is dual purpose, your system’s footprint is minimized.


Because of these advantages, users enjoy significant savings on their energy bill. The long-term savings will pay big dividends over the lifespan of the system. To understand the true value of heat pump systems versus other alternatives, contact AmeriCool LLC to learn more.

Understanding the Functionality and Value of Heat Pumps

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) industry does itself no service in defining dual heating and cooling technologies in the singular term “Heat Pump”. We explain this to consumers on a regular basis along with privilege of educating them all on the overwhelming financial value that these systems offer to both the residential and commercial consumer. So, let’s discuss heat pumps for a moment. Dual-purpose portable air cooling and heating systems requires less energy to deliver effective environment control. The AC/heat pumps leverage the natural properties of thermal dynamics to transfer heat from one space to another. The only purpose of the electricity is to run the compressor and the fans, not to produce heat. Thereby, minimal energy is required. Business owners and home owners alike save on electric bills when they opt to use the portable AC unit with heat pump versus the common practice of using portable space heaters.

Because of the ability of heat pumps to produce both cooling and heating services with less electricity, most make the wise decision to choose heat pumps as the HVAC system of choice.

So, a very quick rundown on heat pumps, but we stand ready to answer all of your detailed questions so that you are empowered to make the most valued environmental control choice for your home or business. Contact Americool LLC.


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