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Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Provide Temperature Control Solutions for Server Closets

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Americool Portable AC in server closets

Spot cooling server closets can be tricky and difficult if businesses do not have the right units in place to do the job. Indoor temperatures and air quality in these areas can change drastically due to the electronic equipment, computer servers, and other electronics housed within supporting critical operations. Oftentimes it is not enough to depend on the in-house air conditioning system because it may not be able to alleviate the excessive heat inside a server closet. In order to prevent hot spots from developing, the use of commercial portable air conditioning units is an ideal alternative.

Using high quality portable air conditioners in server rooms will ensure that the temperature will not fluctuate to harmful levels. Important data can be lost and critical operations can be hampered when the in-house air conditioning system cannot control heat build-up in server closets.

When portable air conditioners are in place, IT managers will have peace of mind knowing that heat-related issues will not arise. These air conditioners provide safe and effective temperature control solutions that serve as reliable back-up or supplemental cooling in this type of application. They can be used to eliminate the threat of over heating through advanced cooling technologies. Additionally, high quality portable air conditioners come in compact sizes which makes them easier to be moved to areas where cooling is needed most.

To find out more about commercial portable air conditioning units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Event Cooling Made Possible With Portable Air Conditioner Rentals

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Americool - WPC-23000

With the high quality portable air conditioners available for rent, event cooling is much more convenient than ever before; even when it is an outdoor event that needs cooling.

Commercial portable air conditioning units provide temperature control solutions without causing interruptions to the event. Your guests will stay cool and comfortable without being disturbed by unnecessary noise or gas emissions. They also come in varying sizes and are easily moved so they will not be an eye soar.

Commercial portable air conditioners are perfect for comfort cooling applications. One of the main advantages is their portability, meaning they can be moved to spots that need immediate relief from excessive heat. Outdoor venues, do not have control of the temperature and often it is hard to distribute cooled air evenly. However with flexible cooling remedies such as portable air conditioners maintaining even and appropriate temperatures so all guests will be comfortable is easy.

To find out more about rental portable air conditioning units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

High Quality Portable Air Conditioners Back-Up Hospital HVAC Systems

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Americool Commercial portable air conditioners

When a hospital, nursing home, laboratory, or any other health facility’s HVAC system fails many issues can arise. Without proper air conditioning it is impossible to achieve appropriate indoor temperatures, putting the well-being of patients at risk. To prevent this, high quality portable air conditioners should be used to supplement the central HVAC system.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can use portable air conditioners to prevent heat-related issues. During an emergency, portable air conditioners keep the medical facility functioning at peak efficiency without threat to equipment or people. These portable air conditioners are strategically designed with easy-to-use controls and safety features.

Portable air conditioners can also provide spot cooling in a lab environment, provide supplemental cooling in critical work areas, and serve as a back-up AC for patient rooms. To find out more about high quality portable air conditioners for hospital cooling, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Commercial Portable Air Conditioning Units are Ideal for Cooling Offices in Older Buildings

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 07, 2017
Ammericool LLC Commercial portable air conditioning units

There are many ways to reduce energy while still controlling the indoor temperature in commercial spaces. One way to help manage cost is to use commercial portable air conditioning units to cool older office buildings. These buildings may have outdated HVAC systems or drafty windows, walls and doors, but many times it is too expensive to update the building.

The use of commercial portable air conditioning units can help reduce system requirements, and maintain the integrity of older buildings. These high quality portable air conditioners help make office cooling more convenient. Their portability allows operators to provide direct cooling to specific areas in any office building that does not get enough cold air.

There are a wide array of high quality portable air conditioners available that provide safe and effective cooling solutions that are perfect for difficult applications such as office cooling in older buildings. With these portable air conditioners in place, buildings without proper cooling systems can efficiently and effectively cool hard-to-reach spaces.

To find out more about commercial portable air conditioning units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

High Quality Portable Air Conditioners Provide Cooling Solutions for Hospitals

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 01, 2017
Americool High Quality Portable Air Conditioner

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can be very challenging to cool. This is because of many factors including; their size, life saving equipment, and patients. If areas are not kept at appropriate temperatures, it can cause life-threatening issues. Sensitive and demanding environments like these call for high quality portable air conditioners for supplemental hospital cooling that are safe and sufficient.

Portable air conditioners are available in various sizes and cooling capacities for even the most challenging of spaces. Their mobility is a feature that makes them convenient to use and more effective for direct cooling. This is why they are seen more and more in healthcare facilities and hospitals. These portable air conditioners can be relocated where cooling is most needed to end any heat-related problems that could arise before they affect patients and equipment.

Loss of air conditioning in a hospital is unacceptable, this means the in-house air conditioning system must be in pristine working condition to ensure safety and effective cooling. However, sometimes scheduled maintenance and unexpected shut-downs can happen. Luckily, hospitals can choose portable air conditioners as a contingency plan.

To find out more about portable air conditioners, contact AmeriCool LLC.


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