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Dual Purpose AC and Heater for the Best of Both Worlds in the Fall

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 24, 2017
AmeriCool dual-purpose air conditioners in Boston, MA

The fall can be a challenging season. The days can be cool or unseasonable warm, the nights can be downright cold. This is the time of year when business owners can make use of systems that serve dual purposes in order to provide a comfortable environment each day. There is temperature control equipment like the WPH-4000 dual-purpose air conditioners that can serve both purposes, providing warm and cool temperature, whichever is needed.

During the fall, while the weather is transitioning, the warm days and cool nights can cause discomfort indoors when the right equipment is not in-place to address it. Business owners rent WPH-4000 dual-purpose air conditioners in Boston, MA to for warm days and cool nights. With this unit business owners have the option to use either air conditioner grills or nozzles for cool air distribution. The nozzles are useful when they want to implement spot cooling in a particular area in the building.

At night, this unit can be used as a heating system when the temperature starts to drop. A key feature of the WPH-400 is that it includes 18,500 Btu/h heating, making it capable of providing the same warmth as stand-alone heaters. The WPH-4000 high quality portable air conditioners are reliable and durable.

Renting the WPH-4000 dual-purpose air conditioner for commercial spaces is a practical solution for the shifting temperatures of the fall. To find out more about dual-purpose units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Use Portable Air Conditioners for Grow Houses

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Americool Commercial commercial portable air conditioner for grow rooms

Grow rooms can be designed to perfectly create the right environment for growing plants indoors and year-round. This allows for the safe cultivation of plants in a perfect environment. Heating, cooling and humidity must be closely monitored and the equipment must be dependable and efficient. Making sure that the plants inside are healthy and viable is imperative. Creating this environment can be done through the use of portable air conditioners for grow house usage.

Because grow rooms are need to be controlled environments, growers must monitor the equipment and environment closely. By having high quality portable air conditioners installed inside grow rooms, growers can provide the essential environment conditions for the plants.

Environment temperature and plant growth go hand in hand. Cannabis is the most commonly cultivated plant in grow rooms. It needs a cool environment for success. That is why growers use commercial portable air conditioning units in Worcester, MA to provide the cooling needed for these plants.

Humidity is also an important element when growing plants indoors—having either too high or too low humidity levels is detrimental to plant growth. The right humidity levels provide plants with the right amount of moisture. Proper air conditioning addresses the humidity and moisture requirements, allowing plants to remain “hydrated” and “sweat” normally.

To find out more about commercial portable air conditioning units for grow rooms, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Industrial Air Conditioners for Ventilation and Cooling

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 10, 2017
AmeriCool portable spot cooler air conditioners in Boston, MA

Understanding the type of cooling system for a particular requirement or demand is important to ensure that the right cooling equipment is rented. Keeping this in mind, businesses can choose industrial cooling systems for optimum ventilation and cooling in any application.

Cooling units can be used for a number of applications, including harsh industrial environments which require constant cooling at a high capacity. Factories and manufacturing floors are the production houses of many businesses. The equipment in this space must often work continuously to meet production needs. Industrial portable air conditioners must be built to the highest standards to protect your employees, your equipment, and your business - making you more profitable and keeping your business running more effectively.

Equipment releases heat when in operation. When combined with natural heat in the environment, it can be unbearable. It is miserable to work under high temperatures, but there are industrial air conditioning units that are right for just about any job. This equipment is specifically designed for industrial cooling. Industrial applications demand industrial cooling for effective solutions for factories, warehouses, assembly lines, manufacturing plants, process cooling, workshops, and various other workplaces that are harsh environments.

To find out more about industrial portable air conditioning, contact AmeriCool LLC.

Portable Air Conditioners for Efficient and Optimum Laboratory Cooling

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 04, 2017
Americool Commercial portable air conditioners for rent

Scientific discovery, development, and advances happen within the laboratory. Laboratories are designed to provide scientists and researchers with a suitable environment to conduct their experiments and studies. Part of creating a suitable environment is by ensuring the right equipment is in place. This is why companies must make sure commercial portable air conditioning units in Worcester, MA are in place. Proper cooling ensures that the desired and necessary laboratory temperatures are met.

Commercial portable air conditioning units are significant equipment that required in most laboratories. Portable air conditioners for laboratory cooling make it possible to maintain the precise temperature. This is important because it allows researchers to accurately perform and achieve consistency in experiments and trials. A sudden change in temperature or the wrong temperature can alter the outcome and possibly change the viability of the study.

Drugs and chemicals being manufactured within laboratories call for precision and environmental accuracy to ensure that they are manufactured in adherence to the standards set. Precise cooling through the use of commercial portable air conditioning unit makes this control possible.

Laboratories serve as storage facilities for biological specimens as well. High quality portable air conditioners provide the cooling needed to ensure security and accuracy in lab experiments. Specimens are used for research and tests which require a favorable and very specific environmental temperature which must be maintained throughout.

The use of air conditioner rentals is important to achieve the controlled environment that is required in laboratories. To find out more about portable air conditioner rentals, contact Americool LLC.


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