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Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Are Worry-Free when Cool Air is in High Demand - Auburn, Worcester, MA

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One of the many different applications of commercial portable air conditioning units in Auburn, MA is spot cooling for server rooms. This room often receives inadequate cooling because the central air conditioning system is more focused on cooling the rest of the building.

Server rooms have limited space but they contain high-powered electronic equipment that generate heat. The equipment must function 24/7 to handle critical business operations which means they can never experience a shut-down. However, heat-sensitive equipment is actually prone to creating hot spots because they generate heat and receive insufficient cooling. There can also times when the HVAC system cannot keep up with the cooling demands for the building. In these scenarios server rooms suffer because hot spots can develop when the appropriate indoor temperature cannot be achieved in this limited space. In order to prevent this, business owners can rely on commercial portable air conditioning units for server room cooling.

These high quality portable air conditioners come in various compact sizes. This makes them easy to move in tight spaces. With the right portable air conditioners in place, hot spots will not pose a threat to the server room.

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